Jun 1, 2011

Looking at Windows 8 Preview

It makes me think of the OS and AI for the future:
  1. Windows will still probably dominate the “traditional” desktop world not because of the “Cool” touch UI but because of the application backward compatibility and the millions of corporate “work” PCs that we all can not live without.
  2. However, the problem is its lack of true value – I will trade the whole UI or so-called User Experience ever since Windows XP for some basic security or simplicity of App management/Purchase or even for a good Profile Management Capability (see my previous posts around that topic)
  3. To me, there are 3 directions that PC OS should go – 1) Consumer device OS (IOS, Droid, Windows Phone 7, Browser OS, Windows 8) 2) Work OS 3)AI OS. It is the third breed that I think would dominate the future. An AI OS should have some basic life like capabilities out of the box. It should be self-evolving and could cohabit with other life-like computers; it should be able to reproduce and use DNA/RNA like mechanism to deal with communicating and energy consumption. It should also have more senses beyond the keyboard and internet ports. Even the bacteria has much more senses/communication mechanism than our “advanced” OSes. It should be a foundation for higher level life form. This might be a little futuristic, but I believe the time is nearer than we originally thought.

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