Jun 7, 2011

Learning behavior

Almost like the stickk movement, the learning has no direct correlation with money spent on the information or certain subject. Rather, it is the contract and commitment that counts. For example, if I go to a conference as part of my training program and the company paid for it, would I learn more than that from listening the seminar? Similarly, would my son learn less from the MIT online course than those college students who paid the full tuition?

Another point – going back to habits and organizing time and resources for me and my kids:

1. Organizing and planning my day by putting first things first, I am doing both plan driven and value driven at the same time.
2. Habit = implicit contract. Both governs behavior in a subcontious level
3. Obsolete skills – for example, handwriting or piano playing or spelling skills are less important directly from a utility point of view but more important from a MAP (mastery, autonomy, purpose) point of view.
4. Conflicting priority – when we procrastinate, it might be more related to the mental ambiguity rather than the laziness.

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