May 31, 2011

Establish a youtube/ifeng channel

1. Write outline in ppt
2. Spend 5-10 minutes to go through the book
3. Chinese version/English version?
4. Invite debates or questions.
5. Frequency (per week?)

6. Other genres such as lectures from Itune and MSDN and software/games
7. children’s books (Linda?)

MDM - Aggregate, Dedup, Link and Sync

1. Multiple sources
  • Each with flexible formats and semantics that are converging now.
  • Each has more atomic elements and lists of elements
  • Each has hierarchy or multiple derived categories or tags
  • Each entity will have link or other relationships such as “marry”, “is father of”, etc. associated with them.
    2. Multiple destinations

The total wealth change on Stock Market

1. Every day, individual and companies (through the mutual funds, brokers, pension fund, hedge funds, etc.) buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other securities (nominal ownership change in financial assets).
2. The volume of funds is a signal of market activity (including day-traders and arbitragers)
3. What does the volume tells us? Globally or in any locale (say NYSE or Frankfurt or in Gold or Silver or Forex)

Intel's chip advance and machine DNA

Will this bring us closer to the holy grail of AI computing – machine that are capable of reproducing itself through its DNA, i.e., self-regulated growing through learning and building additional body parts by acquiring resources and finally, mating with other robots to create offspring that maintains the combined bootstrap DNA.

What type of skills do we need?

1. Skills
2. Habits
3. Determination

  1. Skills build on habits and habits are based on determination and self-motivation
  2. The skills are acquired through the 4 steps of learning.
  3. Each person needs the same set of skills but each skill must be optimized and prioritized for that person basing on his/her characteristics – for example, a girl needs to learn how to do make-up and gossip but a shy girl probably needs to learn anti-bully skills first.
What are the essential skills in order to achieve success (for me, for kids and for my wife)?
  1. Intellectual
  2. Social
  3. Health
  4. 7 Habits, Moral and Philosophical