May 13, 2012

Taxonomy of existence

Material and Non-material
- Material has absolute 4 dimensional properties (or 10 dimensional properties in String Theory framework. Non-material is the relationship among material items such as natural laws, information, structure, etc. Non-material items must have a material vehicle to manifest it and carry it.

Organism and Non-organism
- Organism always have a life or time-dimension of the existence. They can be described with the adjective such as new/young vs. old, living vs. dying. For example, our current universe is a material organism starting from the big bang and ending with cold death. All cell-based lives are also organisms. A particular thought or mind is a non-material organism. A natural law is a non-material non-organism. Question mark: A photon, an electron or a quack might be a material non-organism?

*Complex vs. Simple

Jan 29, 2012

Talk and pause

  • Interruption is bad for communication
  • talk and pause/watch to give others chance to feedback or absorb
  • state the fact/suggestion without going into detailed rationalization (don’t need to justify because the audience already gets it, and worse yet, sometime the details in the justification or rationalization might prompt unnecessary distraction)
  • respect
  • conversation with press (example from Larry E, 60 minutes host and the $15000/day communication training)

Deep thought (solitude and leadership)

Strategic thinking at the middle management level:
  • block time for deep thought
  • only promote the people who are ready at the next level
  • be at 2 steps ahead

Getting things done vs. Taking on too much work

  1. Prioritize
  2. Delegate
  3. Organize
Tricks for organization
  • Using task list management tools (#omnifocus#, outlook flag/tasks)
  • Using annotations such as markq as shortcut for search
  • Clean up task and flag queue every morning and night
  • GTD
Tricks for delegation
  • Only take tasks from Boss
  • Enable and give autonomy to team
  • Propagate down to direct reports (managers)