May 13, 2012

Taxonomy of existence

Material and Non-material
- Material has absolute 4 dimensional properties (or 10 dimensional properties in String Theory framework. Non-material is the relationship among material items such as natural laws, information, structure, etc. Non-material items must have a material vehicle to manifest it and carry it.

Organism and Non-organism
- Organism always have a life or time-dimension of the existence. They can be described with the adjective such as new/young vs. old, living vs. dying. For example, our current universe is a material organism starting from the big bang and ending with cold death. All cell-based lives are also organisms. A particular thought or mind is a non-material organism. A natural law is a non-material non-organism. Question mark: A photon, an electron or a quack might be a material non-organism?

*Complex vs. Simple

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