Apr 12, 2010

Reason, Passion and Faith

Are they the 3 pillars of the personal motivation? Are they overriding each other? The 3 books “Assault on Reason” by Al Gore, “Consulting Mastery” by Keith Merron, and “The Master and His Missionary” by Iain McGilchrist all touched on these 3 concepts. In reason, Science, Philosophy and Logic are the dominant forces. In Passion, love, fear, happiness and natural instincts lead our daily life. In faith, principle, religion, and spirit control our destiny. Gore opined that fear masked by the pretense of faith has been used by politicians to attack reason in the public sphere. McGilchrist resorts to hemispherical physiology and Nietzsche’s metaphor to lament the diminishing role played by passion and faith in the face of scientific and technological advances in the Western Civilization. Interestingly enough, Keith Merron in his guidance to leadership and business consulting, enlists principle (faith) much more than knowledge (reason) and drive (passion) as the foundation for mastery.
Personally, I believe in the supremacy of reason over emotion, but I am hesitant on claiming that faith can be expressed in rational terms. Faith and principle to me can always overcome the void unoccupied by knowledge and guide our march towards immortality.
I enjoy this book not because it reaffirms my personal methodology, but because it exposes a lot of the “secret” of the management consulting trade from an insider’s perspective. While not totally discounting the framework and knowledge possessed by the common expert consultants, Keith does point out the true value of the consulting lies in the personal principle and strength of the individuals involved in the process and the learning and responsibility taking by the client organization. It is like the student and teacher relationship where the true value achieved by the teacher lies in the fit between the student and the teacher. A master consultant brings the best out of the client just as a good teacher brings the best out of the student.
I need to learn also not to teach knowledge but to facilitate the self-learning of my client (my kids, my organization and my audiences).

Apr 5, 2010

More than 100 trapped miners rescued from flooded Chinese Coal Mine

After a week of staying in dark and dirty water, a miracle happened.

Whether social organization like the church should be above the law

Regarding the news stories: Priest accused of US abuse still working in India

1) Did Vatican do the right thing to relocate its employee to another country in order to avoid the local bad PR?
It is hard for Vatican to walk the fine line between bad PR and maintaining effective internal discipline. Also, it is probably harder and harder to recruit priest who has to maintain lifetime celibacy. 

2) This is a very moving comment from another blogger about the pain suffered by the children:
If you've never had to rush a child to the ER to have lacerated intestines stitched back together; if you never had to hold a child who trembled and shuddered each time he/she had to go potty; if you never had to wash the blood from their underwear or take them to ER to have their esophagus repaired; if you never looked into a pup tent covered in blood from slit wrists or had to chase a tormented child through the woods because they were trying to escape themselves and if you never had to cut a dead child down from a tree, you really haven't seen the reality of what these demon seeds from hell do to kids. I have seen this with my own two eyes. When you can say you have seen those things, then maybe, just maybe, you'll realize this has nothing to do with any church. It has everything to do with criminals and those who protect them. The next time you say it's only God who judges, keep in mind that he gave mankind the power to reason. Do you think it's about time they put it into effect?
3) The similarity between Vatican and other non-democratic government.