Jun 7, 2011

Apply lean methodology to learning

The essence of “Lean” methodogy is to focus on value and to reduce waste:

We apply agile/lean methodology by reducing unnecessary steps and non-essential artifacts. In software engineering world, the end goal is a working software that fulfills the needs of the users. In learning, the end goal is to grow the motivation, habits, skills and knowledge base of the subject in a reasonable time with available resources.

When we look at the current education system, the process has several key constraints – education resource and “fairness” of the growth path. That results in the assembly line reality of the overall educational system. However, the learning process is a holistic one around the subject who is an integral part of the family, learning environment, culture and overall social surroundings. In order to achieve the holistically optimal learning result, ALL factors need to be taken into consideration when a plan is developed. Those factors include the child/subject’s personal aptitude, interest, motivation, habits; family resources and role models; available free or commercial educational resources, class and school environment, overall cultural exposure etc. From a top-down perspective, a holistic plan with priorities must be adopted to form the framework. In each step or each learning environment, value/waste must be identified to nurture the overall learning experience to maintain a balanced and sustainable model to cultivate motivation, build habits, learn skills/knowledge.

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